Hacking Oracle APEX by Scott Spendolini

There have been many conference presentations, books, and webinars on how to secure APEX applications. But most, if not all, never explore what an actual attack would look like or […]

APEX Internal Workspace by Aljaz Mali

After installation of APEX we can login only to one workspace – internal. In this workspace we can create “real” workspaces. Most likely this step is known to many APEX […]

Why Your DBA Hates You by John Watson

Who tunes SQL – the developer or the DBA? There are some SQL constructs that are known to be inefficient and others that will confuse the heck out of the […]

APEX 18.1 and Beyond by Niels de Bruijn

We all know that APEX 18.1 offers a lot of features right out of the box, but what if you get a requirement that goes beyond APEX 18.1’s standard functionality? […]