Who Moved My Cheese? — Where Do I Find The Best Oracle Development Tool? by Peter Koletzke

Not that long ago it was so simple: if you were a developer who wanted to work with an Oracle development tool, you used Oracle Forms. Period. End of story.

Now the number of Oracle development tools has grown to the point where it is natural to wonder which one to use. Each of Oracle’s offerings is a solid choice so the only real answer to the question of “which one is best?” is a not so helpful, “It depends.”

This session provides some guidelines for determining which Oracle development tool is best for your situation among the large crowd of: Application Development Framework (ADF), ADF Essentials, Application Express (APEX), Mobile Application Framework (MAF), PL/SQL Web Toolkit, Visual Builder Studio (VBS), Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX), JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET), and, of course, Oracle Forms.

In addition, the session will explain the role played by Alta UI, Oracle UX, and Redwood in developing modern user interface applications with any tool.

Live Webinar
Date : 14 July 2021
Time : 12:00pm –1:00pm AEST
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