What’s new with the Worlds fastest EBS reporting solution? by Beth Skerrett

World’s fastest EBS reporting solution – Increase your team efficiency by getting end-user operational reports faster than ever before with modern, easy to use reporting. This presentation shows how a new approach can provide easier, faster, more efficient access to data in an instantly usable format that end users love. See how to migrate reports from existing ageing and inefficient EBS reporting tools like Discoverer, Polaris, Report Wands, and BI Publisher. With the ability to export over one million transactions in less than 10 seconds, and with our unlimited data output, it is an option that users of large volumes of data need to see to believe!

This presentation will demonstrate how job satisfaction and productivity can be increased for all EBS business users and developers. We demonstrate Blitz Report™, a reporting option available to EBS operational users looking to manage large volumes of transactional data quickly and efficiently, and how using this solution with Oracle’s Enterprise Command Centers is a game-changer for EBS teams.

The objective is to help EBS business users and developers increase their job satisfaction and productivity by adding a new transactional reporting solution to their current reporting and analytics tools.

Live Webinar
Date : 21 April 2021
Time : 12:00pm –1:00pm AEDT
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