Virtual Connect 2020 – Database/Cloud Day

AUSOUG Virtual Connect 2020

Database/Cloud Day

12th November 2020

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Kubernetes in Depth But in simple way by Osama Mustafa Kubernetes has been trending for the last four years, but it's never too late to learn more about it; Kubernetes provides an easy way to scale your application compared to virtual machines.

It keeps code operational and speeds up the delivery process. Kubernetes API allows automating many resource management and provisioning tasks; in this session, you will learn and understand Kubernetes and why I need to use it?
1/6/20227:00pm AEST1 hour

Sessions of the conference will be recorded and the sessions will be available to AUSOUG members to access after the conference.



Thank you to all the following speakers, from within Australia and around the globe, who have kindly submitted their papers for Virtual Connect 2020.

AWS Oracle Certified Professional


Treasurer To AUSOUG National Executive Committee Member

Distinguished Engineer

Dell Technologies, Inc

Principal Enterprise Architect

Big River Steel

Oracle ace alumni

Oracle ACE Alumni

AUSOUG reserves the right to change speakers, events and/or session times, dates, prices and other details as deemed necessary.

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