Modals and Dialogs and … Drawers? Now What? by Karen Cannell

As of APEX 21.2 we have drawers, in addition to modals, dialogs, and popups – now what to use when?

Learn the subtle and not-so-subtle distinctions between APEX modals, popups, dialogs and drawers: Which to use when, why to choose one over the other, and how to use them appropriately in your APEX applications.

We will cover modal and non-modal dialogs, region types and templates, when to use a dialog page vs an inline region, when a drawer is appropriate vs a dialog, when a popup is best vs a declarative alert or confirm dialog.

We will cover caveats and challenges to be aware of with each element type.

Emphasis is on use of declarative APEX elements and documented JavaScript APIs whenever possible, and best practices for employing these various elements in your APEX pages, including specifics for launching from interactive grids.

Attend and gain confidence in your use of modals, dialogs, drawers and enhanced popups in your APEX applications.

Live Webinar
Date : 10 August 2022
Time : 12:00pm – 1:00pm AEST
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