Crisis Survival Guide of Oracle DBA by Emre Baransel

When a critical production database can’t service to majority of its users we can call this a “crisis”.

These problems can show up in different forms like data corruptions, data loss arising from user fault, after change issues (upgrade, patch, migration etc.), hardware problems, load issues and more.

It’s crucial to follow right direction for the solution when “downtime” starts ticking.

While supporting big customer systems for almost 10 years in Oracle ACS, i experienced these “crisis” at first hand and i prepared this presentation for Oracle DBAs to get ready for these unwanted but possible cases.

I will start with general Crisis Management rules and cover a range of scenarios like RMAN restore/recovery, Data Guard failovers, Flashback features, database upgrades/migrations with spot-on hints and real-life lessons learned.

Live Webinar
Date : 30 March 2022
Time : 7:00pm – 8:00pm AEDT
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