Building modern customer experience with Oracle CX platform

Building modern customer experience with Oracle CX platform

Customer experience can provide the source data for the ”big four technologies” that are reshaping organisations and the world around us (IoT, artificial intelligence, cloud infrastructure and big data/analytics).

The key design features of this innovation engine include: flexibility, security and scale.


Consider this – we’re expecting connected devices and consumer generated data to exceed 100 zettabytes per year (that’s 100 followed by 12 zeros).
That’s a lot of raw data!
Each signal, in turn, can require up to 10 computations to make it useful (that’s the cloud infrastructure part).
Then, analytics needs to be used to derive insights and discern meaningful patterns to help people and machines to make informed decisions.
Insights then need to be operationalised through business rules / logic.
That logic that works best at scale, when it is fed into automated decisioning for continuous improvement (AI part) – this entire process is guided by telemetry from digitally connected consumers and devices.
The importance of setting up this CX driven innovation engine is growing every day as the number of consumer touchpoints and connected devices continues to increase exponentially


Event Location:

CBD Hotel, 
52 King Street, 
NSW 2000



03:30 – 04:00: Registration


04:00 – 04:05: Welcome
Anita Parer (AUSOUG Chair) and Deb O’Sullivan (GM CX Oracle ANZ)

04:05 – 04:30: Main Topic
The ‘Quiet Enabler’  How Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications are powering next generation enterprise architectures

Christian Hyland (BD Lead CX Oracle JAPAC)


04:30 – 04:45: Success Stories: 
How our customers leverage the power of the Oracle stack to realise superior business and customer outcomes.
We review a Higher Education and Utility industry example.

John Ferguson (Dir CX Oracle ANZ)


04.45 – 05:00: ISV Partner iLiveIT: Innovative Channel Customer Engagement  
Riaan Groenewald (COO & Co-founder iLiveIT)


05:00 – 06:00: Networking and Nibbles 

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Hope to see you there!

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