Zsolt Angyal

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Zsolt Angyal

APEX Developer



Zsolt an APEX developer at FOEX, where now I have several years of experience. My job here allowed me to work on numerous projects at different companies, contribute to multiple plug-ins. I was also among the founding members of FOS, which is safe to say, the biggest open-source APEX plug-in framwork in the community


APEX Plug-in Development Done Right

Event: APEX Special Series 2022
Stream: APEX

Plug-ins have the ability to make developer’s lives easier. Not only can they be used to introduce features that APEX lacks out of the box, but they’re also great at modularizing already existing functionality into reusable components, saving time and cutting down on future maintenance costs. It’s not a surprise that a great number of APEX Applications includes at least one, but rather more, homemade or 3rd party plug-ins. In this session I will discuss many of the lessons I’ve learned contributing to the biggest open-source APEX plug-in framework in the community, FOS. We will look at the important aspects of performance, security, consistency, extensibility and version-control across multiple plug-ins, but also at the aspects of documentation and presentation, all of which are imperative in building a successful plug-in. After the session the audience can ensure that they’re on the right track either picking the right plug-in for the job, or professional building their own.

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