William Edmond


William Edmond

Distinguished Enterprise Architect

Oracle Corporation



Harnessing the Potential of AI: Getting the Balance Right

Event: AUSOUG Connect 2023, AUSOUG Connect 2023 Perth
Stream: Applications

From the provision of everyday access to products, processes and services to the projection of future requirements, organisations are harnessing the potential of AI to improve products, development, processes and service delivery. AI is being used to streamline processes and enhance decision-making in the pursuit of better quality services and outcomes. Join Oracle’s William Edmond, as he explores the transformative role of AI in the day to day delivery of an organisations processes and services, and discuss how AI is helping organisations to plan for the future. Data reset – How AI and machine learning data integration can lead to better and more transparent decision making. Security by Stealth – improving AI with enhanced security and governance processes ensuring data protection and compliance. Infrastructure innovation – AI and ML as an essential component of data centre strategies driving digital innovation The Next Big Thing – Modernise and innovate faster with Oracle Cloud