Venkata Thrinadha Rao Bandaru

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Venkata Thrinadha Rao Bandaru

Senior Solution Engineer, Database



Venkat is a Member of the North America Technology Platform Specialist Solution Engineering Team. He provides technical depth and industry knowledge to help clients maximize the value of their investment in Oracle. As a Platform Specialist he works closely with the Account Teams and clients to propose, demonstrate, and deliver solutions spanning Oracle's Technology portfolio - including on-premises, hybrid, and cloud deployments. His responsibilities include assisting with technical enablement of Sales and SE teams and leading technical pursuits. Venkat has 10 years of experience as Oracle Database Administrator.


Automate Database Provisioning for DevOps using Database-as-a-Service

Event: 2021 Webinar Series
Stream: Architecture, Cloud Database & Technology

Often DBAs want to allow self-service access to certain database operations. By doing so, the DBAs can free-up their own time while enabling others to do their jobs faster. Self-service access (SSA) is enabled right from the Oracle Enterprise Manager. The Self-Service Portal allows users to create new service instances (Databases or Pluggable Databases) based on Service Template configured by SSA administrators. Additionally, Oracle Enterprise Manager Database as a Service Snap Clone is a ‘self-service’ solution for enabling rapid creation of space efficient clones for large, multi-terabyte databases. Snap Clone can improve the efficiency and agility of administrators and QA engineers while reducing storage-related CAPEX. Database as a Service Snap Clone allows administrators to create fully functional copies of databases using the copy-on-write (CoW) capabilities of the underlying storage layer. Users can request databases from the self-service console and have them provisioned within minutes instead of hours while keeping storage needs to a minimum. This Session will cover database automation for devops: 1) self-service users such as developers and QA can leverage DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service) to quickly provision databases 2) create storage efficient thin clones for development purposes, and 3) chargeback/show back of resources used at the OS and DB level to ensure that proper accounting is kept for resource usage in your private cloud.

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