Troy Anthony



Troy Anthony joined Oracle in 1995, and currently works from Australia having spent more than 12 years at Oracle headquarters in San Francisco. Mr Anthony was part of the team that developed continuous data services, fast application notification, load balancing advisory, and the initial development of grid infrastructure. Mr. Anthony works for Database Product Management. He is a JAPAC resource of ST Development responsible for aiding field staff in assisting customers in their transformation to autonomous computing. Mr Anthony's previous responsibilities included the product management role for Application Continuity and he has acted in a similar role for Rapid Home Provisioning.


Introducing new AIOps Innovations in Oracle 19c Autonomous Health Framework

Stream:Database / Technology

Oracle Autonomous Health Framework (AHF) is Oracle�s Artificial Intelligence Operations platform for autonomous database health management. This session will focus on enhancements to current functionality and new features in 18c and coming in 19c. First successfully introduced in Cluster Health Advisor, and extended to Trace File Analyzer and Hang Manager, Oracle AHF�s applied machine learning technology now enhances additional framework components. You will learn how to utilize these features for determining workload footprint, ongoing monitoring, early detection of anomalies and performance issues, their root causes and corrective actions, prevention of node or database failures, and targeted postmortem analysis enabling quick resolution.

Applied Machine Learning for Database Autonomous Health

Stream:Database / Technology

This session will focus on how Oracle is applying various Machine Learning technologies to the area of diagnostics to prevent performance issues and maintain availability. Details about the architectures and algorithms used for this Autonomous Health initiative will be covered for both Cloud and On-premise database deployments. Components and functionality covered will be Cluster Heath Advisor, Trace File Analyzer (Collector, Receiver and Web), Hang Manager, and Adaptive Bug Search.