Tim Middleton


Tim Middleton

Software Engineer



Tim Middleton has over 32 years’ experience in the IT industry, including over 22 with Oracle. He has been working with Oracle products since 1996 and has held various positions within Oracle including Solution Architect, Software Engineer, Technical Architect and Principal Pre-sales Consultant. Tim is a highly motivated and skilled Oracle practitioner with strong expertise in Coherence core development, Linux, Kubernetes, application tuning and development using Java, JavaScript, Go and Python. Tim is also experienced in WebLogic Server based development and spent many years as a DBA. His current focus, as a core part of the Coherence Development Team, is enhancing the usability, management, and integration of Coherence within both Oracles’ Middleware solutions, as well as with third party products including monitoring tools such as Grafana and Prometheus, and other open-source standards. Some of Tim’s recent development projects include a release of a native (open source) Go client for Coherence, a command line interface (CLI) tool for managing and monitoring Coherence as well as support for monitoring using the Coherence VisualVM plugin. Tim has also developed a Microprofile GraphQL implementation in Using Oracle’s Helidon Microservices platform, allowing Coherence applications to expose data via GraphQL API. Tim also has contributed to the Coherence Operator which allows you to run Coherence applications on a Kubernetes environment and has been involved in the creation of many demonstration applications and examples for Coherence. Tim is a regular presenter at Oracle and Java conferences and is based in Perth.


Managing state in Microservices using Oracle Coherence on Kubernetes

Event: AUSOUG Connect 2023, AUSOUG Connect 2023 Melbourne
Stream: Development

It can be “easy” to scale stateful microservices, but scaling their data stores can be a challenge and this is usually a bottleneck in many systems. In this presentation, Tim will explain how Coherence can provide a scalable, reliable, and performant data store for microservices written in Python, Go, NodeJS and Java. He will also demonstrate a Microservice application deployed on Oracle’s Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) where the state is shared across multiple languages using Coherence.

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