Tam Nguyen

Tam Nguyen

Principle Solutions Consultant



I am Principal Solution Engineer at Oracle focusing on Enterprise and Cloud Manageability. Throughout my working career I have work on both customer and vendor side across various industries including Government, Telecommunication, Finance, Retail and Utilities. I enjoy collaborating and helping customers as well as partners solve operational management challenges. I also contributes knowledge sharing posts on various management topics via the Red Thunder Blog.


Database Management for the Modern DBA

Event: Connect 2021
Stream: Architecture, Cloud Database & Technology

As the reliant of data is becoming more and more apparent for business, DBA's play a very critical role to ensure that the database lights remain "ON", protected and always available to its end users. As innovation increases so does demand on workload resources, more databases to manage, more environment to deploy. With that comes challenges including performance, maintenance, compliance and associated costs. Join us for a session to learn about how you can leverage automation, and machine learning in the Oracle management solutions ​to help improve your productivity so you can focus on more value add activities.