Sharad Chandran R

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Sharad Chandran R

Principal Product Manager



Sharad Chandran is the Principal Product Manager for the Data Access Group at Oracle. He and his team work on building client-side interfaces and APIs for the Oracle DB in various languages like C/C++, Python, Node.js, etc. Sharad has developed various well-documented features such as pre-compile directives and external library interfaces for Oracle in his earlier capacity as a Senior Programmer. He has published multiple articles that explain how to interface Python frameworks with Oracle Database in his current role. Sharad blogs at His Twitter handle is @SharadChan87.


Efficient Data Handling Techniques in Python for Oracle Database

Event: 2022 Webinar Series
Stream: APEX, Development/Middleware, Integrations, Security, Tools

This technical, demo-rich session highlights the popular and full-featured Python interface for Oracle Database, showing how to create database-backed applications. Learn techniques for efficient data loading and access. Learn best practices in connection management. See how features like Application Continuity improve the availability of applications.