Rutvik Prajapati

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Rutvik Prajapati

Sr Oracle Developer

Nextgen Clearing Ltd


7+ years of programming experience as an Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, and Oracle APEX Developer in the analysis, design, and implementation of business applications using the Oracle Relational Database Management System. My tweeter handle is @rutveek.


Oracle APEX and REST API: Your imagination is the limit

Event: Connect 2021
Stream: APEX, Development/Middleware, Integrations, Security, Tools

Web services are a powerful construct of modern application development. They are everywhere and depending on your specific requirements you either create or use them. Oracle APEX provides very good support for REST API and opens up a whole new world for developers: from creating an application that relies completely on external resources to integrating third-party features in your application, you can develop great features and solve many problems by integrating web services in your application. Do you want to see how to integrate into anything you want? Join me in this session where I'll explain the basics of REST API, will show how easy it is to use REST API using Oracle APEX, and then I will show you what I managed to accomplish by integrating Telegram API and solved a real-world problem.