Ralf Mueller

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Ralf Mueller


Oracle APEX


Ralf Mueller is an Architect in the Oracle APEX development team leading Process Automation within Oracle APEX. Ralf represented Oracle in Object Management Group (OMG) for standardizing BPMN 2.0 and CMMN (Case Management Model and Notation). His interests are in Intelligent Automation, Cloud Native architectures and Machine Learning.


Process Automation functionality within Oracle APEX

Event: APEX Special Series 2022
Stream: APEX

With the release of Oracle APEX 22.1, a journey towards enabling Process Automation functionality within Oracle APEX has started. The new Approvals Component in Oracle APEX 22.1 offers basic Task Management and streamlines Approvals in APEX apps and Workflows under a new Unified Task List. In this session we give an overview and demo of the Approvals Component and how it can be used in applications and provide an outlook on future Workflow functionality within Oracle APEX.

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