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Peter Raganitsch is the CEO & co-founder of FOEX GmbH, an Austrian IT company specialized in developing tools & solutions for Oracle APEX. With more than 20 year of experience using Oracle technologies, Peter is an Oracle ACE Director who shares his knowledge through articles, trainings, and webinars. He’s an active member on the Oracle APEX community, speaking at various conferences, such as ODTUG Kscope, DOAG, UKOUG, APEX Connect, APEX World, SIOUG, and HrOUG. He frequently writes about Oracle APEX on Twitter or on his blog at Peter’s technical knowledge and expertise extend to areas including: Oracle APEX, PL/SQL, jQuery, ExtJS, AJAX, Oracle Forms, legacy systems migration, and mobile applications.


When to use Plug-ins in APEX (and when not to)

Event: Virtual Connect 2020, Virtual Connect 2020-Development
Stream: APEX, Development/Middleware, Integrations, Security, Tools

The first thing that comes mind when talking about plug-ins in APEX is cool new features. Things that can't be done in APEX without “that" particular plug-in. But there are more good reasons to use plug-ins like re-usability, centralization, enabling less skilled developers to re-use a solution, and so on. This short session is all about the different aspects you should think about when developing APEX applications, because there are more use cases for plug-ins than you might think. Not to mention several things you should also be wary of. We will then finish with some best practices on usage of plug-ins in bigger teams.

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