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Peter has worked for over 20 years exclusively with Oracle technologies. Innovation and creativity with the application of technology to suit business needs is his strength, in addition to an inherent understanding of Oracle technologies at all levels. Peter has a strong background in mining and local, state and federal government among many other industries.  He leads up the Magia tech and innovation practices and is always striving to leverage the latest technology for intuitive business solutions.


Practical training: How to get off the hamster wheel of Oracle Cloud quarterly updates

Event: 2021 Webinar Series

One of the key challenges Oracle Cloud customers have is keeping pace with the quarterly upgrade schedule for Oracle Cloud applications. A typical upgrade process involves several routine tasks, such as: Reviewing upcoming changes and assessing the potential impact on users and existing processes Performing UAT cycles in a sandbox environment, in preparation for the production rollout Preparing and disseminating documentation and other self-help materials in case of significant UI or process changes Assessing the impact on user productivity of issues introduced by the upgrade, to adequately allocate IT and other resources towards their resolution Finally, being able to engage a fast response team to deal with such issue, in orders to minimize their impact on business The team tasked with managing this process can be easily overwhelmed, given that these upgrade cycles happen so frequently. In this webinar Knoa and our guest presenter, Peter Crew the CTO of Magia Solutions, will discuss some practical tips and tools that can help you effectively prepare for and deal with these upgrades, making your life easier, helping you deliver a better quality of service to your business stakeholders: the actual end users – your employees.

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