Mark Griffiths

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Mark Griffiths

ERP Business Development Manager/Consultant

Solution 250


After the realisation had set in that I was not going to be a super model or professional athlete. I pursued my passion of working in IT. Having gained over 30 years experience in IT, my passion for the industry has not diminished. With over 20 years working with Oracle ERP, my enthusiasm for building solutions is what I enjoy doing.


Where has SQL gone?

Event: Connect 2021
Stream: Oracle E-Business Suite/Cloud Applications

Since cloud erp/hcm no longer exposes the database to implementors, support or developers what options are available? Can OTBI fulfill the need ? We will try this and discover that it is a serious overhead to use in any serious manner. We then explore IDE Overlays/Alternatives In this presentation we explore the many use cases that necessitate old school SQLdeveloper/TOAD adhoc interrogation of back end tables and views. We demonstrate the OTBI solution and compare it to what we used to have, IDE like SQLdeveloper/TOAD. There are overlays to OTBI and we explore the cloud solutions that are portable and available for us to get back the insight and efficiency we lost, when cloud apps removed the ease of accessibility of tables & views.