Malay Kumar Khawas

Oracle Enterprise Architect | Oracle Cloud Migration Specialist | Performance Tuning Expert | Speaker | AppsDBA

Oracle, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India


Oracle CIO Award Winner, Malay Kumar Khawas is a skilled Solution Engineer and Oracle Enterprise Architect. Malay amplifies business results using his extensive experience on Oracle Engineered System, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Identity Management, Oracle Database Administration and Oracle EBS Administration. He employs technology to support the blend of innovation and development. His never ending desire to learn makes him unrivalled in today's high-tech industry. He weaves IT solutions in Oracle to ensure the best enterprise architectures for various Oracle customers. Malay, a renowned technophile and distinguished speaker has lead numerous Oracle's engagements. His mantra is to master new technologies and share it with the world to make technology and life simple at workplace. Major Technical Expertise: 1. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (DBSystem, ADB, EBS, IaaS) 2. Oracle Identity Management and Identity Cloud Services 3. Oracle eBusiness Suite 4. Oracle Enterprise Manager for OnPremise and Oracle Cloud 5. Oracle Database Administration, Migration, Performance Tuning and Security Specialist 6. Engineered System (Exadata, ExaCS, ExaCC, ODA and ZDLRA) 7. Disaster Recovery and High Availability


Transparent Data Encryption for Oracle Database - Key Points to Know in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Connect 2019)

Stream:Architecture, Cloud Database & Technology

In today's generation data is the fuel to all of our day to day activities. Leveraging such huge oceans of data without compromising on its security status has grown to be today's vital concerns. DBA's use the 3A Mantra: Authentication, Authorization and Auditing mechanism to secure data in their databases. In this module we would like to present Oracle's Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). This session will teach us to ensures encryption of sensitive data and while keeping compliance, functionality and performance intact. TDE is very economical with zero downtime on production systems. And this entire management of encryption and decryption is done single handedly by the database.

Methods to Migrate Your Workload to Oracle Autonomous Database (Connect 2019)

Stream:Architecture, Cloud Database & Technology

Businesses today are in the midst of an electrifying revolution, in which the paradigm has switched from your ON-Premise to Cloud, and not just any cloud platform but Oracle's "Oracle Clod Infrastructure Gen 2". With massive market presence, best of performance and world's truly first Autonomous Database, Oracle Cloud has become the most prominent leader of the database technology. This technical session aims at enabling your transformation from on-premise to cloud using migration. We will walk you through the best methods of migrating your databases to Oracle Autonomous Database. You will gain expertise on real customer migrations, learn to minimize the migration downtime and discover all standards and best practices associated with it. We are open to any discussions or problems related to Oracle Cloud migrations. So do attend this session to master the methods of migrating your workload to Oracle Autonomous Database and get all your questions answered.

18 Methods to Migrate Your Database to Oracle Cloud DBSystem (Connect 2019)

Stream:Architecture, Cloud Database & Technology

Oracle Cloud is creating its mark in the cloud market in big way and as a leader on Database Technology; Oracle has build OCI Gen2 Cloud for best performce. It is inevitable for DBAs to understand the tips and tricks of migrating workload to Oracle Cloud. In this technical presentation, lets walk through best 18 methods of migrating databases to Oracle Cloud DBSystem and Autonomous Database. How these methods are used for real customer migration, how the downtime for migration is reduced, what are the best practices and standards used for these migration. All questions related to Oracle Cloud migration would be answered in this session. From our multiple experiences of Oracle Cloud Migrations, learning on downtime reduction, choosing appropriate method and validations would be shared.