Lino Schildenfeld

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Lino Schildenfeld

APEX Expert



With over 13 years experience working with Oracle tools Lino started his ventures with APEX 3.1 version back in 2008. In early 2015 became freelance APEX consultant. He worked for US, Europe, New Zealand and Australia based clients from all sectors. He is an Oracle ACE and regular APAC and AUSOUG conference speaker.


APEX Dynamic Action 21.1 Enhancements & Workshop

Event: APEX Special Series 2021
Stream: Apex, Development/Middleware, Integrations, Security , Tools

This is exactly what Dynamic actions are for and why they are so loved by us Dev’s and end users. In this session we tack all corners of DA and how they can be utilized in your applications. Things we will cover:  – Triggering actions on uncommon page elements  – Event bubbling  – Passing data between your DA and PL/SQL  – Debugging  – Best/Bad practices