Karkuvelraja Thangamariappan

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Karkuvelraja Thangamariappan

Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)



Karkuvelraja Thangamariappan is an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) & Oracle ACE with 7+ years of experience with Oracle APEX Applications, holding a bachelor's degree (B.E) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2014), has a wide range of expertise in the Oracle APEX & PL/SQL environment. He is working as a Lead Engineer for a company called DAMAC Properties. In addition, he participates actively in the Oracle community by publishing technical articles on his blog ORCLKING (http://orclking.blogspot.com/) and volunteering often with the Indian Oracle APEX User Group (INOAUG). On Twitter, he can be reached at @tkarkuvelraja.


Creating Applications for Mobile Devices

Event: 2022 Webinar Series
Stream: Development/Middleware, Integrations, Security , Tools

This session will describe how you can create apps for mobile devices that are mobile-specific and provide an optimal user experience on small screens and discover the features and requirements for Progressive Web Apps (PWA).