Douglas Hood

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Douglas Hood

Consulting Member of Technical Staff & Product Manager



A DB developer and Product Manager for Oracle Application Tier Database Cache, Oracle TimesTen, Oracle In-Memory and Oracle NoSQL. I have used the Oracle Database since 5.1. I focus of extreme performance and High Availability for the world's largest transactional systems.


Cache GB, TB or PB with GoldenGate

Event: Connect 2021
Stream: Architecture, Cloud Database & Technology

Databases continue to get larger and users keep wanting faster access to their data. One solution is to provide SQL Data caches for faster data access. SQL data caches can enable 10x+ faster access to your data and support joins. SQL data caches can use SQL and PLSQL via Oracle SQL APIs to access your data. One challenge of SQL data caching is how much data needs to be cached. With modern hardware, you can now cache GB, TB or PB of data either in your data center or in your favorite public cloud. Learn how to use Oracle 21c Application Tier Database Cache and GoldenGate 21c to enable fast access to massive amounts of data. This talk is based on experience creating 20, 40 and 100 TB SQL data caches for global companies. The concepts and benefits are demonstrated using SQL data caching on OCI and AWS via GoldenGate. The demos cache data from an Oracle Database, but also work with MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, PostgreSQL and Informix. This technology can work on bare metal, VMs or Kubernetes.