Daniel Morgan

Daniel Morgan

Daniel Morgan

Technical Director | Database and Cloud Security

Oracle, Consulting Services | Minneapolis, Minnesota US

Oracle ACE Director Alum


Oracle ACE Director Alum Daniel Morgan is the Technical Director for Database and Cloud Security at Oracle Consulting where his team designed, built, and performs Oracle's Database Attack Surface Reduction Assessments. Prior to joining Oracle Morgan was an consultant and an adjunct professor at the University of Washington where he wrote the Oracle program and was its primary instructor for 11 years. Dan was the founding Chair of the Washington Software Association's Database Special Interest Group and has taught Master Classes, Workshops, and lectured on Oracle in 47 countries, during 149 country visits, since 2008. Dan is the 'Morgan' behind the MorgansLibrary.com website, the founder of dbsecworx.com, and focuses his efforts on assisting Oracle's customers with the technical information they need to protect the data, metadata, and intellectual property in their Oracle Databases.


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