Connor McDonald

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Connor McDonald

Database Advocate

Oracle Corporation


Connor McDonald is a Database Advocate for Oracle Corporation. Ever being frustrated as a child with the limits imposed by the single kilobyte of RAM in his Sinclair ZX80 computer, he has loved the challenges that come with storing data, which ultimately led to a career in database technology. When the infamous Y2K data issue did not end the world as people thought, he started presenting on his database passions, found that he loved doing it, and has spoken at over 120 conferences around the world since then. Due to his partners predilection for rescuing stray cats, he doesn’t just speak the phrase "as hard as herding cats", he lives it every day.


Why PL/SQL is still the best data access language

Event: Connect 2021
Stream: APEX, Development/Middleware, Integrations, Security, Tools

Another year goes by, and most likely, another data access framework has been invented. It will claim to be the fastest, smartest way to talk to the database, and just like all those that came before it, it will not be. Because the best database access tool has been there for more than 30 years now, and that is PL/SQL. Although we all sometimes fall prey to the mindset of "Oh look, a shiny new tool, we should start using it", the performance and simplicity of PL/SQL remains unmatched. This session looks at the failings of other data access languages, why even a cursory knowledge of PL/SQL will make you a better developer, and how to get the most out of PL/SQL when it comes to database performance.