Connor McDonald


Connor McDonald

Database Advocate

Oracle Corporation


Connor McDonald is a Database Advocate for Oracle Corporation. Ever being frustrated as a child with the limits imposed by the single kilobyte of RAM in his Sinclair ZX80 computer, he has loved the challenges that come with storing data, which ultimately led to a career in database technology. When the infamous Y2K data issue did not end the world as people thought, he started presenting on his database passions, found that he loved doing it, and has spoken at over 120 conferences around the world since then. Due to his partners predilection for rescuing stray cats, he doesn’t just speak the phrase "as hard as herding cats", he lives it every day.


23c – The Developers Release

Event: AUSOUG Connect 2023, AUSOUG Connect 2023 Perth
Stream: Database/ Emerging Technologies

Often the new features in a new database version pertain to the “big ticket” functionality areas of availability, performance, management, technology shifts, and so forth. But for developers, often it is the tiny little enhancements or tweaks to existing functionality that make all the difference. As far back as database versions go, it is the little things that have developers singing from the rooftops. Column rename in 8i, MERGE in 9i, virtual columns in 11g, FETCH FIRST in 12c − the list goes on. And Oracle Database 23c is packed with these small but critical enhancements for developers. This session covers the developer-focused improvements to the database that will boost productivity and make the database easier to use than ever!

The lost art of physical design – From bit bucket to extreme performance

Event: Connect 2022
Stream: Architecture, Cloud Database & Technology

It's never been easier to launch into building your applications on the Oracle Database. Just a few clicks and your Oracle Database is ready to go. But when those applications we build become the overnight sensation that we always dreamt about, it is often the case that the schemas we designed on a paper napkin and implemented on day 1 might not live up to the flexibility, maintainability and performance demands the database can offer at the very moment we need it most – when more and more customers are clamouring for our amazing app! This session walks through the tools to rapid prototype and deploys your database schema, and how to evolve that design to handle increasing demands over time. Tens of thousands of transactions per second on just a laptop? Yes indeed!

5 great features in the database you are probably not using

Event: Connect 2022
Stream: Architecture, Cloud Database & Technology

In this session, we'll look at five things you might not have known about the Oracle Database – or that you might have known about but never realized how they could benefit you. For each topic, we will provide a detailed explanation of the functionality and demonstrated the benefits using real-world examples. The topics covered are applicable for anyone running Oracle Database 11g and up including Standard Edition, with only a couple of minor exceptions. After this session, we hope that you'll understand a little more about these features and how they'll benefit you and your organization.