Chetan Vithlani

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Chetan Vithlani

Principal Product Manager



Chetan Vithlani is a Product Manager responsible for user and security assessment technologies in the Oracle Database group. Prior to joining the Oracle Database Security team, he was Product Manager for Identity and Security Operations Center. Chetan has 23 years of experience and started his career as Oracle Database Administrator with multiple Fortune 500 companies. He worked as Solution Architect with focus on security and supported multiple enterprise customers. Chetan received a BS in Statistics and Master’s degree in Computer Science. Chetan’s certifications include Oracle Database 12c and RAC 12c implementation specialist.


Oracle Database Sharding- hyperscale, globally distributed, converged databases

Event: Connect 2021
Stream: Architecture, Cloud Database & Technology

Statement: When you need a database that supports extreme scale-out with complete data isolation distributed across different computers on-premises or in cloud, deploy sharded instances of Oracle Database in a fault-tolerant topology. Solution: Oracle Sharding distributes segments of a data set—a shard—across lots of databases on lots of different computers on-premises or in cloud. It requires no specialized hardware or software. Oracle Sharding does all this while rendering the strong consistency, full power of SQL, support for structured and unstructured data and the Oracle Database ecosystem. It allows you to support applications that require low latency, high availability, and meet data sovereignty requirements. Oracle Sharding distributes your data across multiple databases either within the same data center or across multiple data centers in a way that provides locality for applications either on-premises or in the cloud. The pool of databases is presented to the application as a single logical database. Applications can elastically scale by adding more databases (shards) to the pool. It is built on shared-nothing architecture, in which data is horizontally partitioned across databases that share no hardware or software. Co-presenter, Priya Dhuriya Solution Engineer – Database, North America Technology Solution Engineering