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CEO at Viscosity North America

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Charles Kim is an Oracle ACE Director, VMware vExpert, an Oracle Certified DBA, Certified Exadata Specialist, and a Certified RAC Expert. Charles was selected into the Oracle ACE Program on May 2008 and became an Oracle ACE Director as of December 2009. Charles has been an Oracle ACE Director every year since 2009. Charles became a VMware vExpert in the class of 2013 and has been a vExpert consecutively each year since 2013. Charles specializes in Cloud, Exadata, RAC, and Virtualization (VMware and Oracle VM) and co-authored ten books around the Oracle EcoSystem: – Oracle Cloud Pocket Reference Guide – A Handbook on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – PDB Me to Oracle Cloud – A Lazy DBA’s Guide to Mastering MultiTenant – Exadata Expert Handbook – Oracle Database 11g New Features for DBA and Developers – Linux Recipes for Oracle DBAs – Oracle Data Guard 11g Handbook – Virtualizing Business Critical Oracle Databases: Database As A Service – Oracle ASM 12c Pocket Reference Guide – Virtualizing Hadoop – Solaris and Linux Recipes for Oracle DBAs Charles is the Founder and President of Viscosity North America, a highly specialized niche consulting organization comprised of industry experts in Oracle RAC, Oracle Cloud, Virtualization and Exadata. Charles often sits on the panel of Oracle experts at VMware World and Oracle OpenWorld for virtualization and Linux. Charles was one of the founding members of the virtualization SIG that launched in 2011 at Oracle OpenWorld. Charles is the current president of the IOUG Cloud SIG. Charles holds certifications in Oracle, VMware, Red Hat Linux, and Microsoft and has over 27 years of Oracle experience on mission and business critical databases. Charles presents regularly at local, regional, national and international Oracle conferences including IOUG Collaborate, VMware World, RMOUG, New Zealand/Australia Oracle User Group, and Oracle OpenWorld on topics of Oracle Cloud, RAC, Exadata, Database Consolidations, Private Database Cloud, ASM, Linux Best Practices, Data Guard Best Practices, Performance Tuning, VMware Virtualization Best Practices, Oracle Database Virtualization, and 7×24 High Availability Considerations. Charles is the current President of the Cloud SIG for the Independent Oracle User Group. Charles. His linkedin profile is: His twitter tag is: @racdba


Get Ready For Brain OverLoad with Oracle Database 12.2/18c/19c Features (Connect 2019)

Event: Connect 2019

Stream:DBAs; Managers

Oracle Database 12 Release 2 is packed with enhancements for DBAs and Developers. Come listen to all the pertinent new features in Oracle 12.2/18c/19c that will change how you perform maintenance and tune the database. This session is not the traditional Oracle 12.2/18c/19c database features. Be prepared to have mind overloaded with the following focused areas: 1. Oracle 18c 2. Upgrade to Oracle 12.2/18c/19c 3. Online Improvements 4. Partitioning Option 5. Multi-Tenancy (PDB) Option 6. Data Guard 7. RMAN 8. General Database 9. RAC 10. ASM/ACFS 11. In-Memory 12. Database Upgrade Options Oracle DBAs/Developers can take immediate advantage of these new features. We will rapid fire all the new features to the audience. We will share all of the code from our presentation so that you can add them to your arsenal. Nowadays, all the Oracle new features in the database and infrastructure are born in Oracle Cloud. All the database new features are first provided in Oracle Cloud and Engineered Systems then made available to the general public. Learn all the latest innovations for Oracle databases to become successful in Oracle Cloud, Engineered Systems and on-premise.

Lessons Learned and Battle Wounds on Migrating Mission Critical Databases to Oracle Cloud

Event: Connect 2019


Cloud innovations from Oracle OpenWorld 2019 - Free Cloud - Oracle and VMware partnership on OCI - VMware licensing on OCI - 200 Regions - Viscosity’s involvement with ADB (our whitepaper and our video that launched at OOW) - Autonomous Linux - Free GoldenGate - etc. Some of the topics for discussion: One of our most challenging PCI/HIPPA compliant customer migrating to OCI from RackSpace - App Server in AWS while the database is in OCI - Zero downtime migration to Oracle Exa Cloud from RackSpace and also upgrading to 18c - Localized region high availability with Data Guard to another AD - Lessons learned with native backup to object storage - Backup solution to file system storage cloud - DR strategy to another region - How to work with Oracle’s outage windows; how to navigate to minimize the impact - Cloning challenges of 1.5TB PDBs - Oracle Cloud tooling challenges - KISS with network architecture - How we achieved end to end encryption: - 100% TDE for data at rest - 100% encryption with data at motion - Dealing with FastConnect - Working close to Equinix (need to understand what is equivalent in Australia)