Brendan Tierney


Brendan Tierney

Principle Consultant




Predicting Good Wines in the Database with Oracle Machine Learning and Oracle analytics Cloud

Event: Virtual Connect 2020, Virtual Connect 2020-Applications
Stream: Oracle Applications (EBS – Cloud Applications), EPM, Analytics.

Oracle Machine Learning includes a set of tools enabling data scientist to create production ready Machine Learning models close to where the data sits: the database! The presentation and demo shows a full data science process: from the creation of an Autonomous Data Warehouse in the cloud in few clicks, the data upload, the creation of a deeply customisable Machine Learning model via notebooks available immediately with ADW which enable also the the visual data exploration. Few PL/SQL calls will create the ML model which will then be used to create predictions on the fly. The model itself and the results generated will be visualised in Oracle Analytics Cloud showing how easy is the Business Analyst – Data Scientist collaboration within the Oracle ecosystem. So, sit back, grab a glass and learn some practical and fun Oracle tech tips.