Anton Els

Oracle | Docker | AWS | DevOps | Serverless Enthusiast

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From early on in my career I have enjoyed tinkering with new technologies and always had the drive to never stop learning. Setting goals is important and over the years I have managed to achieve some of these goals which include presenting at a conference - which become reality, and since then (2013), I have presented at various international conferences. Other goals I am proud of include becoming an Oracle Certified Master, an Oracle Ace, and completing my first AWS Certified Professional certification. I started my career in consulting and enjoy working with people and have successfully implemented many projects from small to large scale. During these projects I gained a good understanding of project management and other areas such as storage and networking, not just the database side - I guess my interest into solution architecture drove this. You might say I am a techie at heart, but I do know that having a good understanding of the overall architecture of a solution as well as talking to, and working with the business, can achieve far better results than just focusing on the technical side and making assumptions about the business. Over the last six years I have embraced another area of interest - development. I have managed a successful product from initial design to roadmap to delivering to the end customer, this include areas such as quality assurance, continues integration and delivery. As mentioned the learning never stops and when you manage a development team, you have to know what it means to be agile, focussed and that team work can lead to great success. I am a co-author of "Oracle Database 12c Release 2 Multitenant (Oracle Press)” and Vice President of the NZOUG. I do have a number of other interests, albeit a bit strange that some of them is again technology related… these include DevOps, Docker, Serverless, Alexa, Linux, Virtualisation, Disaster Recovery, IoT, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, 3d Printing, golf, running and theatre.


Oracle Database Express Edition (XE) - what you need to know (Connect 2019)

Stream:DBAs, Developers

Most did not expect a new version after 11.2, but then the surprise - Oracle 18c XE was released end 2018 - for FREE. In this session we will dive into what is Oracle Database Express Edition, including diving into the excellent features it brings to the table. Areas that will be covered include installation, usage, new features and how you can quickly get started with Oracle XE 18c and Docker. But as with most things, make sure you are aware of the limitations - but are they really limitations....

The Oracle Database Controlfile - A valuable source of information! (Connect 2019)

Stream:DBAs, Developers

From day 1 everyone states the controlfile is important - and should be protected. Make sure you have more than one copy, why not three... So what is this controlfile? Did you know that it hosts a lot of valuable information about the database and plays an important role in backup and recovery? Whether you are running in the could, on-premise or a hybrid solution. In this session we will take a closer look at the Oracle Database Controlfile, with more focus on it from a backup and recovery point of view. This will include gaining a better understanding of the dreaded “File 1 needs more recovery to be consistent” or “ File 1 was not restored from a sufficiently old backup” - what does these mean and what the next possible steps are

Oracle Linux and Docker Getting Started! (Connect 2019)

Stream:DBAs, Developers

Some might think Docker is for developers only, but this is not really the case. Docker is here to stay and there will be more and more of it in the future. In this session learn what Docker is and how it works. This session will be covering core areas such as volumes, but also stepping it up to a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Docker environment. The session will dive into a few examples of how to create a database environment within just a few minutes - perfect for testing, development, and possibly even production systems.