Andy Haack

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Andy Haack

Managing Director



Andy is an E-Business Suite specialist with two decades experience working on EBS implementation projects across various industries. During his consulting career, he covered various functional and technical roles and soon discovered his passion for lean and efficient technical designs. As a specialist for performance tuning and database optimization, a big part of Andy’s job included writing SQLs for custom data extracts from the Oracle EBS. The lack of efficient and flexible reporting solutions inspired him to found Enginatics and to build Blitz Report™, the world’s fastest reporting for Oracle E-Business Suite. Andy now works as Managing Director of Enginatics and helps EBS clients to achieve maximum performance from their systems.


Two birds with one stone: the world’s fastest EBS reporting and data upload

Event: AUSOUG Connect 2023, AUSOUG Connect 2023 Melbourne, AUSOUG Connect 2023 Perth
Stream: Applications

As businesses consider a shift towards Oracle Cloud ERP solutions, this may not be an option for numerous EBS customers who prefer maintaining control over their data. Oracle continues to not just support but also enhance Oracle EBS for years or even decades to come. With all new enhancements, reporting and data uploading is still a challenge for many EBS users. Blitz Report is a tool that allows global enterprises to modernize their Oracle E-Business Suite data management and to replace many existing technologies like Discoverer, BI Publisher, GL Wand or Web ADI. During this session, we will show how Blitz Report fixes the main pain points of Oracle users, easily getting data in and out from EBS in the Excel format they need. 1. Running a report, creating reusable layouts with pivots and dashboards 2. Creating a new report from a SQL and adding parameters. 3. Running reports directly from Oracle Forms, for example to drill down from GL to subledger transaction details. 4. Loading data from Excel to EBS faster and simpler than Web ADI.

Running EBS on Cloud? Beware of this overlooked performance metric

Event: Connect 2021
Stream: Architecture, Cloud Database & Technology

Database systems running on modern hardware are no longer constrained by I/O or memory shortage as both of these historic performance bottlenecks have been addressed by hardware technology advancements. The biggest constraint to system performance can now be found in a little-noticed space….the single thread CPU Speed. CPU speed is often overlooked when considering Cloud infrastructure providers, and it can be the difference between a successful "lift and shift" or a migration that moves the company backward from a user experience with system performance. We will show a performance comparison of different cloud and on-premises systems, such as OCI, AWS or Oracle Exadata, and demonstrate the differences running Oracle EBS SQL queries on them. Objectives – Learn about the impact of single thread CPU speed on database query performance. Learn how to audit database performance and gather the metrics that pinpoint the problems. Introduce attendees to a public domain SQL library that can help to analyze Oracle EBS performance. Attendees will gain personal and professional growth by learning about performance monitoring and will get access to a library of SQL scripts that can help their business users work more efficiently with EBS on a day-to-day basis.