Doug Volz


Doug Volz

President, Douglas Volz Consulting

Douglas Volz Consulting, Inc


Doug Volz is the global leader in cost accounting solutions for Oracle EBS and Cloud Applications, and Coordinator/President of the OATUG Cost Management SIG. Doug contributes to the Oracle Community at large and for over twenty years, has freely given several global, multi-org SQL cost accounting reports to the Oracle Community. Now with Blitz Report™ he is able to offer these reports in a fully configured format.


Who Said Changing Cost Methods with Discrete Costing Can’t be Done?

Event: Connect 2021
Stream: Oracle Applications (EBS – Cloud Applications), EPM, Analytics.

Did your firm implement Oracle Discrete Costing with Inventory (and perhaps with WIP and/or EAM) and settle on a Costing Method which was not appropriate for your industry or business situation? Or your industry focus has changed and your Costing Method is no longer appropriate? Unhappy with the financial consequences but when you contacted Oracle Support they told you that the only way forward was to re-implement? Well that is simply not true! Learn from leading Cost Management experts for how you can change your Discrete Costing Method, with limited risk to your business. Three approaches will be discussed, having great success at multiple clients. And yes, these approaches work for both Release 11i and 12.