Unleashing Financial Transformation: Harnessing the Power of the Right Reporting Software for EBS and Financials Cloud* – Co-presenting with Stephen Pryde (insightsoftware)

This session will delve into the critical importance of selecting the right financial software during a financial transformation, whether it involves migrating from EBS to Cloud or dealing with multiple data sources after an acquisition. Specifically designed for Oracle users, our software accelerates the analysis and distribution of actionable financial and operational data. With an extensive library of customizable content and direct connectivity to source data, finance teams can effortlessly create and share interactive reports and dashboards. Our sustainable and robust tools enable seamless integration of legacy data, consolidation of diverse data sets, and empower teams with near real-time insights. Join us to explore the following topics: Extracting and consolidating data from various sources in near real-time. Providing self-service financial and operational reporting in Excel or preferred BI tools. Viewing, identifying, and analysing processes across the entire value chain. Real customer stories and powerful lessons learned from our clients. Don’t miss this session to discover how the right financial software can revolutionize your financial transformation journey.

Oracle APEX – Ask us anything

AUSOUG Connect23 will feature first ever “Ask us anything” open APEX panel Q&A session featuring Oracle employees, community experts and Oracle ACEs.

Join us after lunch at 1:45 p.m. in room Georgiana, for one of the most information-packed sessions!
Bring your questions; these are the people with the answers!

APEX 23.x features

Get ready for a sneak peek at APEX 23.2! This upcoming release is brimming with an exciting array of fresh features and improvements.

Among the highlights are a Native workflow designer and engine for robust business process automation, the convenience of Distributed team development with working copy, a streamlined approach to visual data modeling using QuickSQL, and simplified Fusion Apps Extensions via REST APIs for a wide range of use cases.

APEX 23.2 has something to offer every developer. Join us for this session to discover your new favorite feature in the latest APEX 23.2 release.

APEX hidden gems – Template Directives & Template components

Do Template Directives sound familiar to you?

Ideally we should have no complex business logic in our SQL-Code.
APEX supports substitution strings which is nothing new but how do we make them more dynamic with zero JavaScript?

As far back as APEX goes it always supported templates. We can find application templates under shared components.
Typical ones of a universal theme would be: Page, Button, Region, and Report to name a few and lately Email Templates.

If you are not already familiar with terms like template literals, template conditions and template processors this is a session for you.
Let’s learn the power of client-side formatting to enrich our application presentation.

Primer on Template Directives/Components aimed at audiences of all levels.

Oracle on Azure

Why Azure for Oracle Understand how Azure drives innovation for your Oracle workloads Oracle on Azure Options Understand what your deployment options in Azure Oracle on Azure IaaS architecture Understand […]

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