What is Apache Kafka & why is it Important to Oracle professionals?

Events are playing an increasingly important role in modern application architecture. They represent fast, streaming data, they fuel the interaction between microservices, they are at the core of CQRS and event sourcing. Apache Kafka has quickly emerged as the de facto standard event platform: open source, cross technology, reliable and extremely scalable and available on any platform, in Docker and from the major cloud platforms- including Oracle Cloud's Event Hub service. This session explains the what, why and how of Apache Kafka. What role does it play, how is it used and what are challenges and tricks for real life applications. How does it fit in with Oracle Database and Fusion Middleware and with Oracle Public Cloud? In several demos, Kafka is seen at work - in real time streaming event analysis through KSQL, in CQRS and microservices scenarios and with user interfaces updated in real time through events and