Pluggable Databases Risen From the Dead

With the recent announcement at Oracle OpenWorld, starting in Oracle Database 19c, we are allowed to have up to 3 pluggable databases per container database.  Effective Oracle Database 20c, non-containerized databases will no longer be supported.
As an attendee of this session, you will receive a free copy of the PDB Me to Oracle Cloud book written by Oracle ACEs.  Come learn what it takes to effectively create, configure, manage and monitor Oracle PDBs.  Learn all the latest and greatest new features of Oracle PDBs from Oracle 12.2/18c/19c.
Innovations in pluggable databases will blow your mind.  Innovations in Oracle PDBs will change how you:
• patch your databases
• perform database upgrades
• provide reporting databases
• provision clones of pre-production, QA and DEV environments
• setup Data Guard between the primary and standby environments
• setup performance governors on the database tier
• setup security with pluggable DBAs
• consolidate your database environments
• ask for outage windows to perform maintenance
• can confidently provide higher availability, reliability and scalability