Oracle Database Tuning 101

The Oracle RDBMS is highly tuneable with many options for optimizing performance. However, the sheer quantity of tuning options can be overwhelming, and you can waste precious time unless you know which tuning activities are most likely to provide a return on your time investment. In this presentation we'll review ten of the fundamental Oracle performance tuning practices and see how to use these in a systematic way to improve Oracle performance. Topics will include workload and SQL optimization, identification and elimination of key contention points, configuring memory to avoid physical IO, and disk IO optimization. The following topics will be covered: * Adopting a methodical tuning methodology * Building performance into your application design * Indexing wisely * Know your tools * Optimizing the optimizer * SQL and PL/SQL tuning * Conention - the proverbial bottleneck * Optimize memory to reduce IO * Tune IO last, but TUNE it * Exploit RAC, Exadata and 12c

Guy Harrison