Oracle 19c: it’s more than “just” a database upgrade

Many DBAs these days are probably thinking about upgrading their existing databases to Oracle 19c. The prime motivation is most likely the need to stay within premier support. And whilst there is little doubt a migration to Oracle 19c is the right thing to do at the moment, all too often the application side of things is somewhat neglected. 
This talk specifically does not focus on the database, it rather takes a wider angle and answers questions such as “what do you need to know when it comes to upgrading the database?” It covers aspects such as monitoring and most importantly, the application and different, more modern ways of writing and packaging it. There are numerous things to consider such as (J|O)DBC drivers, database links, and many other tools. What about new technologies such as cloud, standardisation and automation? Or maybe even containers? At the end of this talk attendees should have a good understanding of the implications of moving to Oracle 19c and make the most of potential changes to infrastructure and processes.