MySQL Database Service (MDS) overview and migration from on-prem

This session will present the new MySQL Database Service (MDS) is the new fully-managed MySQL service running on Oracle Cloud, coupled with the brand new MySQL Analytics Service (MAS) which is the new analytics service developed by Oracle Labs. In this session you'll see a live demo of how MDS + MAS work together and it is such a powerful combination. No more complex ETL and sync processes between your RDBMS data and your highly BI optimised service (such as Redshift or BigQuery). With MDS and MAS - this process is now completely streamed-line and automatic: "One ring to rule them ALL".

During this session you will get a sneak peak into the brand new MySQL Database Service (MDS), which is MySQL fully-managed service.
You will also get to see, in live demo, how easy it is to migrate your data from on-prem, or even another cloud services (such as RDS, Aurora and such) to MDS using the new dumpSchema utility.