Methods to Migrate Your Workload to Oracle Autonomous Database (Connect 2019)

Businesses today are in the midst of an electrifying revolution, in which the paradigm has switched from your ON-Premise to Cloud, and not just any cloud platform but Oracle's "Oracle Clod Infrastructure Gen 2". With massive market presence, best of performance and world's truly first Autonomous Database, Oracle Cloud has become the most prominent leader of the database technology. This technical session aims at enabling your transformation from on-premise to cloud using migration. We will walk you through the best methods of migrating your databases to Oracle Autonomous Database. You will gain expertise on real customer migrations, learn to minimize the migration downtime and discover all standards and best practices associated with it. We are open to any discussions or problems related to Oracle Cloud migrations. So do attend this session to master the methods of migrating your workload to Oracle Autonomous Database and get all your questions answered.