How To Analyze SQL Run Times By Plan Using ASH Data (Connect 2019)

Imagine knowing SQL run times without instrumenting your application. That is exactly what I will teach you how to do by analyzing ASH data. Suppose the ticket shows, "This query takes 45 seconds!" How can you confirm that? Is 45 seconds unusual? Has it happened before? Perhaps there is a bad plan being used? What is a good plan for the SQL? This is valuable information that creatively analyzing ASH data will reveal. In this presentation, using ASH data, I will show you how to manually infer SQL run times. Then I'll show you how to use a simple yet flexible SQL script to analyze ASH data, infer SQL run times and report the results... even at the execution plan level. Next I'll show you how to analyze the run time samples using the free statistical package R. Join me as we explore the untapped analysis opportunities ASH data provides.