Get your money’s worth out of your Database (Connect 2019)

The database is one of the most important assets to your application. Besides being one of the most important assets it is also one of the most expensive parts in your application. Most organizations don’t get the most out of their database license and treat it like a simple bit bucket. The modern Oracle database can do so much more than just store data. Features you can use ‘in the database’ include: - Flashback queries (what did my data look like at a certain moment in time) - Data Security (only read and write data you are authorized for) - Performance increase (Set based operations, regular expressions, analytics) - EBR (near zero downtime application upgrades or support for parallel database worlds) - Data integrity/quality (Single Point Of Data Integrity) - Special SQL features like paginating your result. This presentation will show these features as well as some of the enhancements in the Oracle 12c Database including: - Identity columns (12c) - Invisible columns (12c) - Whitelisting PL/SQL program units (12c) - Improvement of execution of PL/SQL in a SQL query (12c) - Cross session Result cache (both SQL and PL/SQL) (11g)