Discoverer Replacement with the 12.2 upgrade toolkit

This session will provide EBS project/support consulting teams with a flexible toolkit for a multitude of implementation challenges within the EBS framework. If you are planning to upgrade your EBS to release 12.2, and/or are still using Discoverer reports, this session is for you.

The first half of this presentation will cover the Project upgrade toolkit, which includes many valuable tools to support your team and your project at various levels.
12.2 Project upgrade toolkit agenda:
Track master data changes incorporating standard Audit functionality
Export mass data for migration and upgrading without complexity
Managing ECC dashboard’s and enhanced Excel unlimited output
Email exception (Excel) alerts on any critical EBS processes
Monitor key interfaces and deal with failing transactions as they occur
Real Excel Exports (formatted) from within any EBS form
Database tuning suite of reports to give enhanced AWR analysis
Export any setup object for BR100 / DS30 tracking
Maintain an online version-controlled library of SQL scripts
Secure reports & sensitive data, leveraging Oracle EBS security & VPD
The second half of the presentation will review the Discoverer report migration tools that allow you to analyze and migrate your Discoverer reports out of the Discoverer platform, either en mass or individually. You will leave knowing how to keep your trusted reports but replace the Discoverer platform.
Converting Discoverer reports agenda:
Review prerequisite setup for Discoverer migration
HIghlight analytical reports available to assess and plan for report migration
Perform the steps of the individual report migration option
Perform the steps of the mass report migration option
Review the post-conversion analysis and provide tips and tricks
Demonstrate the features within Blitz Report that modernize and improve the reports