Chatbot – An intelligent assistants

Modern chatbots are frequently used in situations in which simple interactions with only a limited range of responses are needed. This can include customer service and marketing applications, where the chatbots can provide answers to questions on topics such as products, services or company policies. If a customer's questions exceed the abilities of the chatbot, that customer is usually escalated to a human operator. Chatbots are often used online and in messaging apps but are also now included in many operating systems as intelligent virtual assistants, and widely used in RPA as well. These chatbots can perform a wide variety of functions based on user commands. In this presentation, I will be sharing about chatbots and common usage patterns of AI components NLP, ML, NTLK and also how to use different frameworks and languages like RASA and Python and as well as cloud offerings. I will present a demo creating a sample chatbot and how you can train the chatbots with different datasets or questionnaires and integrate with other service modules example, database health checkbox, information bot, etc.