Bringing Real World Data into Healthcare Practice

Objective: Provide an overview of Healthcare IT with the focus on data and data integration While healthcare is information-intensive the information collected at points of care is typically siloed in healthcare enterprises and inaccessible to clinicians in other healthcare enterprises that manage the same patients. This causes duplication of effort, over ordering of tests, gaps in continuity of care and other issues, both clinical safety-related, cost-related and efficiencies-related. Overview of issues of data and data integration in healthcare is provided as context. Objective: Provide an overview of My Health Record standards, technologies and Oracle's role Over the years, individuals and organisation in the healthcare industry worked on developing and implementing standards and standards-based technology solution to enable healthcare data sharing, research and clinical practise use of healthcare data. Some of the standards and technologies are widely deployed while others are emerging and ginning acceptance. Three healthcare data representation and data exchange standards are discussed to provide a timeline of innovation spanning over 2 years, and discuss developments. Australia's My Health Record well be discussed as an example of Oracle healthcare-specific technologies enabling National scale Health Information Exchange platform. Objective: Introduce Oracle Technologies for Healthcare Data Sharing and Data Aggregation Presentation will conclude with the healthcare-specific demonstration of a solution that leverages the Oracle Internet of Things and other Cloud services as means of incorporating real world healthcare and wellbeing data into traditional healthcare IT environments. This data will enable clinicians to consider remote and home-based medical device data, as well as fitness and activity data to be used to enrich data collected at the point of care and provide valuable insights and opportunities for early intervention and reduction in hospitalisation and adverse events.