Backup to the Cloud and Beyond – Real Solutions (Connect 2019)

Let me challenge your thoughts about backing up files to Oracle Cloud. Every customer should be considering RMAN backups of their databases to Oracle Cloud (if not already). Oracle provides the most secure and optimal methods to backup the database to the cloud. Backing up the Oracle database to the cloud is just the tip of the iceberg. With ERP systems, you need to consider backups beyond just the database. You have to think outside the box and consider the entire solution and include non-database files such as EBS binaries, middleware backups, documents, reports, logs, etc. I will present a deep-dive content of backing up the database and EBS applications to Oracle Cloud. I will provide in-depth insight and real-life examples of backing up the database to the cloud and restoring the database from the cloud. I will also demonstrate how to leverage Oracle’s Storage Cloud Storage Appliance to backup other non-database files. I will demonstrate various methods to uploading and downloading various types files to the Cloud and how to drive performance. Demonstration of the Oracle Storage Cloud Storage Appliance will be provided. Command-line interface to upload/download files directly to Oracle Cloud will be shared.