Analytics on Financials doesn’t need to be so hard

A common theme with our Cloud based customers is that there is no one place where you can visualise financial performance compared to budget and forecast, with drill down to transactions and sub ledger information. What if your reporting could be simple and enabled you to gain actionable insight to make more informed decisions faster, all while saving money? PrimeQ has created a new, efficient way to extract information from SaaS Fusion Cloud including GL Balance information, GL Transactions, Procurement and Payables Sub-Ledger. This information is tied together with your accounting structures into an efficient Star-Schema and optimised for reporting and data visualisation. The key features of this solution are: • Built using ERP Structures, including all segments and hierarchies • Ability to load Budget information from PBCS • Easy to understand Subject Areas, enabling Self Service Reporting of Budget variances • Efficient reporting of time-based comparisons for Prior Period and Prior Year. • Easily extendable with customer data • Customised to your Business Language • Metrics include Prior Period, Prior Year for easy time-based comparisons