50 Shades of Data – how, when and why Big, Relational, NoSQL, Elastic, Graph, Event

Data has been and will be the key ingredient to enterprise IT. What is changing is the nature, scope and volume of data and the place of data in the IT architecture. BigData, unstructured data and non-relational data stored on Hadoop, in NoSQL databases and held in Elastic Search, Caches and Message Queues complements data in the enterprise RDBMS. Trends such as microservices that contain their own data, BASE, CQRS and Event Sourcing have changed the way we store, share and govern data. This session introduces patterns, technologies and hypes around storing, processing and retrieving data using products such as Oracle Database, Cassandra, MySQL, Neo4J, Kafka, Redis, Elastic Search and Hadoop/Spark -locally,in containers and on the cloud. Key take away: what an application architect and a developer should know about the various types of data in enterprise IT and how to store/manage/query/manipulate them. What products and technologies are at your disposal. How can you make these work together - for a consistent (enough) overall data presentation.