Perth, Western Australia – Monday, 13th November 2023


10 Irvin Street, Perth WA 6000


We are working towards finalising the Connect 2023 program and will update the below speaker and program list accordingly

Cloud Apps Stream


Database / Emerging Technologies

Stephen Pryde
Unleashing Financial Transformation: Harnessing the Power of the Right Software for EBS to Cloud Migration and Multi-Source Data Reporting
Mark Griffiths
MLE In Action – Microservice ‘power tools’ for APEX
Gavin Soorma
Oracle 21c and 23c New Features Hands-on-Lab
William Edmond
Harnessing the Potential of AI: Getting the Balance Right
Jeffrey Kemp
APEX 23.2 New Features
Charles Kim
The Data Lakehouse for the Oracle Data Engineer
Andy Haack
Two birds with one stone: the world's fastest EBS reporting and data upload
Eddie Harris
Oracle APEX - Application options for Tasks, Approvals and Work Flows.
Connor McDonald
23c - The Developers Release
TBC (Deloitte)
Everyday is Earth Day – leveraging Oracle ERP and EPM to accelerate your readiness for mandatory reporting and decarbonisation strategies
Peter Koletzke
Top Five Basic Tips for Optimizing PL/SQL Code
Sandeep Sampath
Seamless Operations: Zero Downtime Oracle Grid Infrastructure Patching and Read-Only Home
Sam Hannan
Complex Data Migration – recent case study leveraging Oracle’s Integration Platform
Peter Koletzke
Modern UI Design and Oracle Redwood
To be confirmed
To be confirmed
Toufiq Mohammed
From Data to Insights: Exploring OCI AI Services in Oracle APEX
To be confirmed
To be confirmed
Lino Schildenfeld
APEX security
To be confirmed

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