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10th November 2022


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Oracle Database deployment on Oracle Cloud Native Environment by Simon Coter

Kubernetes has become the most popular and ubiquitous open-source framework for automating Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

During this session learn how-to automate the Oracle Database deployment on Oracle Cloud Native Environment and its Kubernetes solution.

10/11/20229:00am AEDT50 minutes

Securing your Oracle Database assets from operational, disaster and cyber incidents by Trichy Premkumar

Many organisations spend enormous amount of time protecting their Mission Critical workloads that uses Oracle database.

Discover how you can modernise and manage your Mission critical databases by exception in private and public cloud.

Learn how to automate and provide self-service capability that allows to simplify the process to provide operational, disaster and cyber security.

10/11/202210:00am AEDT50 minutes

Oracle & Ansible – A Devops Love Story by Mark Burgess

For DBA’s there is one thing that is certain – there are more databases to manage across more complex deployments.

This session will explore how Ansible can be used to better manage and maintain an Oracle environment.

We will explore use cases that help reduce keystrokes for standard maintenance procedures all the way up to supporting complex devops workflows.

By the end of the session you will hopefully obtain a greater appreciation of the value of automation, and have the confidence to implement procedures as code across on-prem, hybrid and cloud deployments.

10/11/202211:00am AEDT50 minutes

APEX for DBAs: What Every DBA Must Know by Charles Kim

APEX has become a household name in the Oracle community. As a fellow DBA or Developer, you have encountered APEX in your workplace.

As of Oracle Database 18c, Oracle’s no longer upgrades the Apex schema as part of the database upgrade. Don’t get caught without knowledge and skillset to maintain Apex. In this session, learn how to install, upgrade and patch Apex. We will share our experiences of maintaining Apex for the enterprise environment. In this session, you will:

• Learn how to install and upgrade/patch Oracle Rest Data Services (ORDS)
• Learn how to install and upgrade/patch Tomcat
• Learn about the minimum Apex schema versions relative to the database versions
• Learn how to create and deploy applications in Apex
• Learn how to enable tracing with Apex
• Learn how to monitor Apex applications
• Learn how to setup the Apache listener and Reverse Proxy for external access
• Learn how to configure Apex
• Learn how to secure Apex
• Learn how to setup / configure Apex in with the Cloud vendors
• Oracle Apex Service
• Infrastructure-As-A-Service

10/11/202212:00pm AEDT50 minutes

Oracle Database 19c (Your next ORACLE_HOME) by Venkata Ravi Kumar Yenugula

This session deals with the following topics with best practices, tips and tricks

1. Oracle Database Release and Support Timelines
2. Direct Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c
3. Oracle Database Offerings / Features App
4. Zero-Downtime Oracle Grid Infrastructure Patching
5. Oracle 19c – Silent Modes
6. Oracle 19c – Active Data Guard – DML Redirection
7. Oracle 19c – Data Guard Broker Features
8. Oracle 19c – Multi-Instance Redo Apply
9. Oracle Database 19c Important Recommended One-off Patches
10. Replicating Restore Points from Primary to Physical Standby

10/11/20221:00pm AEDT50 minutes

Are you an Oracle DBA wanting to learn Oracle Cloud Services? Learn for free! by Biju Thomas

To manage and get the best out of any hyperscalar public cloud services, you need to understand the essential architecture components, available services, and service dependencies. Luckily, learning Oracle cloud is free.

Let me show you the various learning opportunities available for a DBA and what to know with recommended course order. We will explore Oracle Education courses, Oracle Partner Network courses/webinars, and Oracle LiveLabs.

I will also show you how to sign up for Oracle Cloud free trial and the “Always Free” services.

10/11/20222:00pm AEDT50 minutes

Exadata Only Database Features – Some Highlights And Why You Need To Know by Richard Foote

The Oracle Database has a number of key features that are only available on the Exadata platform.

Even if you don’t currently work with Exadata, understanding some of these capabilities can be important and useful for any future endeavors.

Free access to the Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud environments can certainly help with keeping up to date with some of these unique capabilities.

This session will explore some of these Exadata only database features, including Zone Maps, SQL Quarantine, Real-Time Statistics, High Frequency Statistics Gathering, PDB Snapshot Carousel and some of the Automatic features, such as Automatic Indexing, Automatic Zone Maps and Automatic Materialized Views.

10/11/20223:00pm AEDT50 minutes

Accelerate migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with minimal downtime using Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) by Gavin Soorma

This session provides insight into Oracle’s Zero Downtime Migration tool which enable organizations to rapidly and seamlessly migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with minimal outages and disruption to the business.

Attendees will learn how to use both physical as well as logical downtime methodologies of ZDM.

10/11/20224:00pm AEDT50 minutes

5 great features in the database you are probably not using by Connor McDonald

In this session, we’ll look at five things you might not have known about the Oracle Database – or that you might have known about but never realized how they could benefit you.

For each topic, we will provide a detailed explanation of the functionality and demonstrated the benefits using real-world examples.

The topics covered are applicable for anyone running Oracle Database 11g and up including Standard Edition, with only a couple of minor exceptions.

After this session, we hope that you’ll understand a little more about these features and how they’ll benefit you and your organization.

10/11/20225:00pm AEDT50 minutes


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