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Featuring presentations in:
  • Database Development
  • APEX
  • SQL

Sessions of the conference will be recorded and the sessions will be available to AUSOUG members to access after the conference.

TitleDateStart TimeDurationRegister
A Walk in Your Shoes - Becoming an Oracle Fusion Applications End User and How that can help you by Debra Lilley9/11/219:00am AEDT50 minutesRegister
Moving Oracle to the Cloud? A Breakdown of What You Need to Know by Andrew Powell and Tom Camarro9/11/2110:00am AEDT50 minutesRegister
A Journey to True End User Focused Spreadsheets for ERP Cloud by David Wright and Nigel Grange9/11/2111:00am AEDT50 minutesRegister
Oracle E-Business Suite: Update, Strategy, and Roadmap by Jyotideep Singh9/11/2112:00pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
Where has SQL gone? by Mark Griffiths9/11/211:00pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
Drive Faster Decisions with Automated EBS and Oracle ERP Cloud Financial Reporting by Gregg van der Westhuizen and Sean Chandler9/11/212:00pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
Unexpected consequences from moving off Dataloader for Data Entry… A fairy tale result! by Grant Taylor9/11/213:00pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
Running EBS on Cloud? Beware of this overlooked performance metric by Andy Haack9/11/214:00pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
Wish E-Business Suite Could Talk? Then Chatbots are For You! by Mia Urman9/11/215:00pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
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TitleDateStart TimeDurationRegister
Oracle APEX 21 New Features by Mark Sewtz10/11/219:00am AEDT50 minutesRegister
Create reusable SQL expressions with SQL macros by Chris Saxon10/11/2110:00am AEDT50 minutesRegister
Great APEX Grids, the Sane Way by Karen Cannell10/11/2111:00am AEDT50 minutesRegister
Improving security in Oracle APEX application by Anderson Ferreira10/11/2112:00pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
Why PL/SQL is still the best data access language by Connor McDonald10/11/211:00pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
Visual Web and Mobile App Development with Oracle Visual Builder by Shay Shmeltzer10/11/212:00pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
Oracle APEX and REST API: Your imagination is the limit by Rutvik Prajapati10/11/213:00pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
Creating and Configuring Node.js Applications for Oracle Database by Christopher Jones10/11/214:00pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
TitleDateStart TimeDurationRegister
Apache Kafka and Flink: Stateful Streaming Data Pipelines made easy with SQL by Francesco Tisiot11/11/219:00am AEDT50 minutesRegister
Automated patching and compliance to improve database security by Harish Niddagatta11/11/2110:00am AEDT50 minutesRegister
In-database Machine Learning with Oracle Database and/or Oracle Autonomous Database by Kai Yu11/11/2111:00am AEDT50 minutesRegister
Fast and Furious: Handling Edge Computing Data With Oracle 19c Fast Ingest and Fast Lookup by Jim Czuprynski11/11/2112:00pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
ML101 - Machine Learning 101 by Rich Niemiec11/11/211:00pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
Grooving with Groovy by Ryan Fleming11/11/213:00pm AEDT30 minutesRegister
Future of Corporate and Management Reporting on cloud: Narrative Reporting by Mohit Jain11/11/213:30pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
Security Best Practice: Oracle passwords, but secure! by Stefan Oehrli11/11/214:30pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall 20.4 - live and in action! by Gavin Soorma11/11/215:30pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
TitleDateStart TimeDurationRegister
Creating a Minimal Viable Product with Oracle by Franco Ucci12/11/20219:00am AEDT50 minutesRegister
Oracle Data Pump Internals by Roy Swonger and Bill Beauregard12/11/202110:00am AEDT50 minutesRegister
Database 12c to 21c, Journey of key feature sets by Anuj Mohan12/11/202111:00am AEDT50 minutesRegister
Lessons Learned and Battle Wounds on Migrating Mission Critical Databases to Oracle Cloud by Charles Kim12/11/202112:00pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
Protect your data from threats in a digital, multi-cloud world by Trichy Premkumar (Prem) and Raghava Jainoje12/11/20211:00pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
IaaS, Oracle DBaaS, Autonomous, ExaCS, Cloud@Customer: How to choose the right database service on OCI? by Biju Thomas12/11/20212:00pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
Automatic Indexing: An Update On Improvements and New Capabilities by Richard Foote12/11/20213:00pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
Top 20 FAQs on the Autonomous Database by Sandesh Rao12/11/20214:00pm AEDT50 minutesRegister
Container only – New Features for Multitenant in Oracle 21c by Markus Flechtner12/11/20215:00pm AEDT50 minutesRegister

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I am paying for my Cloud License. What’s next? by Alecsandra Mlynarzek 

Oracle launched in 2019 the Enterprise Licensing model, a bundle that includes by default Profitability and Cost Management.

We often pay for services/subscriptions that we never really use, but not because of their lack of usefulness, but rather a lack of knowledge on our part.

This presentation will kick off with an overview of the different types of business problems that can be solved by Profitability and Cost Management, based on real-life implementations, followed by a short demo of how to quickly get up to speed with Profitability and Cost Management and where to start using this service that now comes included with your subscription.

This session is ideal for both customers and implementation partners who have not yet embarked on the journey of discovering how dynamic Profitability and Cost Management really is.

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor for this event? 

I am paying for my Cloud License. What’s next? by Alecsandra Mlynarzek



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