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Mark is a 20 year veteran of Oracle applications and plays a key role in providing architecture governance and support for the ASG National Oracle practice, especially focusing on the implementation and upgrades to the latest release of the Oracle e-Business suite and Oracle ERP Cloud products. Key Achievements include: - Lead resource for a Oracle Cloud ERP Project - Solution Architect for a Oracle ERP Cloud Discovery Phase - Solution Architect for a major engineering company implementation Mark also has a critical role in supporting the ASG Oracle sales team during the Bid Management cycle.

Paper Title and Abstract

Transforming Consulting Delivery from E-Business to Oracle SaaS

Stream: EBIZ

Changing the course of consulting delivery from something that is well known to the unknown presents a number of challenges both within a consulting organisation along with some personal challenges. Throw in your day job along with the new Oracle Cloud products, the quest for continual learning and company investment becomes a fine edge sword for many Oracle veterans and new players wanting to take on the Cloud experience. This paper describes the company and personal experiences of a number of delivery consultants who have embarked on the transition journey over the past 18 months, from the challenges of certification through to the unknown world of the leading edge Cloud products and the journey and hurdles a delivery team has had to make in embracing the SaaS offering.

Pre-requisites: Just an interest in the topic.